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How does your artistic practice disrupt perceptual or phenomenological habits of whiteness?
Every project I begin starts with thoroughly trying to find the sources of a feeling of alienation I experience in my daily, mundane experience of being in the world. Rage, disappointment, resignation, submission: these are the internal phase changes that alert me to a rift in my acclimatization to the "best-fit" diagram of a world that assumes a white body as its subject/customer/end-user. Having this "double consciousness" is how we cope, but it is not how we heal. In my work, it is my habit, in these instances, to try to inhabit this other, white, space fully until I can almost empathize with the oppressor, to hold inside my body the monstrous and allow myself to be fully consumed by its seductive power; and by allowing my body to be vulnerable and open to this possession in public space, I seek create a meaningful tension that can disrupt the supposedly natural order of things.

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